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    edictable "grey rhinoceros" incidents. The international community is faced with challenges brought about by deficits in the ▓aspects of governance, trust, peace, and development. As the world's leading su

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    perpower, the United States has been making almost no contribut▓ion towards eliminating these deficits. On the contrary, it’s becoming their main creator.T▓his has been self-evident as Washington pur

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    sues its America First policy, placing its own interests over and above international rules, withdrawing from a variety of international treaties, causing severe damage to multilateral systems and aggravat

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    avoiding a trade war. But ten
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    ing the deficit in global governance. In 2017, a research report on WTO dispute rulings found that the United States was by far the largest “unruly” actor in not complying with WTO rulings. Tw

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ted from China. In December last yea▓r, both sides reached a cons

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o-thirds of the violations leading to WTO arbitration were committed by the United States. Professor Jam▓es Laurenceson, the deputy director of the Australia-China Relations Institute, University of Technology Sydney, has said that the U.S. g▓overnment is treading a dangerous path that violates W▓TO rules and will cause

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    approach, has severely damaged▓ the foundations for trust and cooperation in international society with such actions as building walls along its border with Mexico, stirring up enmity in the Middle East and back▓tracking on major issues including climate change, l▓aying a

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    fuse leading to escalating global economic and t▓rade frictions and increasing geopolitical tensions.

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The United States is also good at muscle flexing. It has been a▓ggravating the current global deficit in peace by sending troops to Syria without the approval from the United Nations, deploying military forces

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